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Life Insurance Options After Retirement

June 2016 Newsletter

Life insurance can serve many valuable purpises during your life. However, once you've retired, you may no longer feel the need to keep your life insurance, or the cost of maintaing the policy may have become too expensive. In these cases, you might be tempted to abandon the policy or surrender your life insurance coverage. But there are other alternatives to consider as well. 

Understanding Stock Market Indexes

May 2016 Newsletter

No doubt you've seen headlines reporting that a particular stock index is up or down. But do you know what an index is, and how understanding the nuts and bolts of a specific index may be helpful to you?

Six Potential 401(k) Rollover Pitfalls

April 2016 Newsletter

You're about to receive a distribution from your 401(k) plan, and you're considering a rollover to a traditional IRA. While these transactions are normally straightforward and trouble free, there are some pitfalls you'll want to avoid.

Rates on the Rise: Strategies for Fixed-Income Investors

March 2016 Newsletter

A long period of low yields has been challenging for many fixed-income investors, but owning bond investments in a rising interest-rate environment could become even trickier. When interest rates go up, the prices of existing bonds typically fall.

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Operating at the Intersection of Profits and Values

January 2016

Correlation and Portfolio Performance

Septemeber 2015

Financial Mistakes People Make at Different Ages

August 2015

Retirement Withdrawal Rates

May 2015

10 Financial Terms Everyone Should Know

April 2015

Healthy Resolutions Can Pay Off (Literally)

January 2015

The IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights

December 2014

Saving or Investing: Is There a Difference?

November 2014

Prepare Now for a Year-End Investment Review

October 2014

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