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Investment Planning

As independent investment advisors, we offer our clients the financial confidence of knowing that we only make investment recommendations that are in our clients' best interest. Our client centered approach is evident by the diversification of investment products, companies, and tools we use to pursue our clients' goals and objectives.  We will work very hard to get a complete understanding of what you are trying to achieve and only after that will we make specific recommendations. Our clients have a full understanding of the benefits and costs of each and every one of our recommendations. Through this independent approach, we earn our clients' trust and appreciation.


We assess your unique:  


                          Risk tolerance


                          Time horizon


                          Income needs


                          Tax situation


                          Overall financial objectives



By designing a portfolio to help reduce market volatility with a higher probability of achieving the returns you require, we try to minimize the fluctuations of the capital markets while attempting to ensure your goals are attainable.

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